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--Techie on 03/10/16 - 01:07 pm

hey i think its time to revamp the featured stories and all that :)

- biebergoldswag on 03/10/16 - 01:47 pm

We need new and better stories on here because lately, this site has been dead :)

- Belieber_Dream on 04/10/16 - 01:41 am

uhhh, it's kinda messed up cuz everything is centered????

- blues on 11/10/16 - 08:35 pm

I hope there'll be new stories in here. The site has been dead lately. I missed how this site used to be active way back 2011. 

- BieberWriter2009 on 16/10/16 - 02:07 am

For an overall better site experience the stories should not be centered. It is very hard for someone to read a very lengthy chapter center aligned. It's not how our eyes are trained to read. 

- novxel on 07/12/16 - 05:25 pm